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Welcome to Learn Enterprises

We welcome you to explore the services and products that Learn Enterprises offers. Our passion is to provide excellent, customized and unique offerings to our clients and customers. In this, we are driven by our faith convictions and the values we espouse.

This web site does not only show our journey thus far but also portends the future, the place where our dreams are hinged. Yes, we aspire to turn our dreams and those of our clients into visible realities.

Learn Enterprise is a company on the move, as it builds stability. What you see on this web site is a segment of our transformative walk. It is will be updated, revised, reviewed and changed as we experience changes in our services and products.


And we encourage you to contact us with inquiries, suggestions, complaints and any other forms of feedback.

Thank you for visiting our web site.
Dr. Samuel Luzobe
Chairman Learn Enterprises Limited.


 Economically viable, innovative and honest enterprises offering top quality services to others.


To offer specialized and unique services (in agriculture development, natural resource management, recreation and organizational development expertise) that meaningfully contribute to national and regional development


  • To provide consultancy services in management, agriculture and social development sectors.
  • To provide conference and recreational facilities that contribute to Individuals, institutions and the public.
  • To invest in commercial agricultural activities that contribute to the national nutritional and environmental demands.


LEL Core Values draw inspiration from Christian values and Kingdom principles. They are:

  • Faithfulness
  • Timely and high quality services
  • Accountability
  • Openness
  • Learning from and with customers

Kisaasi, Komamboga rd

P.O.Box 25607, Kampala